Whey Protein Isolates: What You Need to Know

With all the health problems people are experiencing today, more and more people are getting fit and living more healthy lifestyles. A good diet and regular exercise are essential for any fitness regime, but sometimes you'll need a bit more help. For those looking to create muscle mass, for example, they'll have to do different types of exercises and eat different foods from those trying to lose weight. They'll have to consume foods, such as proteins, which promote anabolic or a muscle-building metabolism. That way, their bodies can turn their food into muscle. Increasing muscle mass is not just about eating as much red meat as you can. Meat, while quite delicious, actually not the most efficient way to build muscles. Most meats contain fat and cholesterol, not to mention the process of cooking can often remove most of the nutrients in meat. This is why many people take Whey protein isolates, to help them build muscle more efficiently. 
What are Whey protein isolates?
Whey proteins have been around and were quite popular among bodybuilders. They are protein supplements made which comes from milk products, particularly, cheese. Now, more and more people are seeing the benefits of using Whey nutrition product, particularly, Whey protein isolates. These isolates are a more concentrated form of Whey supplements. The filtration process is goes through makes it almost completely pure protein (about 90%) and contains less lactose, carbohydrate, fats and cholesterol. They can be bought in powder form and can be reconstituted using liquids like milk, water or juice.  
Why use Whey protein isolates?
The problem with Whey products is that they contain lactose. It isolates contain less lactose than their counterparts, which means bloating, cramps and gas are reduced. Lactose also contain carbohydrates, which makes the muscle-building process inefficient.
These isolates also have other health benefits, like stabilizing blood sugar levels, strengthens bones, decreases stress and increase the immune system. 
Are there any side-effects?
At first, many people experience some mild, temporary discomforts. Constipation is common, because they forget to drink a sufficient amount of water (usually 10 glasses per day) or do not consume enough essential fats. Nausea, thirst and fatigue are also common, and because of the lactose content, some gas and bloating may occur. Of course, before taking any supplement, make sure you check with your doctor, especially if you have any medical condition.