Management of Back Pain

Back pain is usually a major hindrance to ones mobility and ways on how to manage it so as to continue with their normal routine is of essence to be noted. Here are tips on back pain management. 
Use a cold compress. 
An ice pack wrapped in a piece of cloth will do the trick. Simply place it on the inflamed tissues for a few minutes, say 5 minutes, then take a break before reapplying. Continue with this practice for 24 to 48 hours. 
However, if it does not seem to work, try a hot compress instead. 
For finer details on how to carry out this practice, click here
Keep moving. 
Our body including even the spine are meant to be in motion and not to just waste away just doing a whole lot of nothing. Back pains should not derail you from your daily activities. Do them as though you are not feeling any pain. If you feel a little bit better, switch to simple aerobics that will keep your back more mobile. 
Just do not overdo it as you may end up aggravating the pain instead of managing it. 
Visit this site for better clarification on the simple aerobics you can carry out. 
Stretching helps to relax muscles and ease back pain. So if you have back pains and you are a kind of person whose work involves sitting all day, take some time to stretch your legs and to even stand up and stretch backwards and forward. If you are free, stretching routines like yoga will be of great help. 
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Watch your posture. 
Sit upright as slouching makes it hard for your back to support your weight. Also, while lifting objects, bend and straighten from your knees but not bending over your waist.  
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In conclusion, it is important to note that back pain management only offers a temporary relief and if it persists, the assistance of a specialist should be sought as it may mark the early stages of a serious illness.